5A LiFePO4 FAST Battery Charger 16S 48V

1. Three-stage charging work mode – constant current, constant voltage, trickle (or float)
2. Safety design, short circuit protection, overcurrent, overvoltage, reverse protection, automatic monitoring of current, conversion charging mode
3. High-precision current and voltage lock, to ensure fully charged, no overcharge
4. Overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit protection, safe and reliable
5. Conversion efficiency> 90%, small size. Light weight. Efficient environmental protection
6. LED Indicator light, all aluminum shell, beautiful and durable
7. European CE, environmental ROHS, safety certification

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Img - B07G32Q2W8
Img - B07G32Q2W8
Img - B07G32Q2W8
Img - B07G32Q2W8

58.4V 5A Charger 58.4V LiFePO4 Battery Charger for 16S 48V LiFePO4 Battery Pack Smart Charge Auto-Stop (Misc.)


  • DC plug by default is sent by product image: IEC C13 N+ L-
  • Over voltage,Over Current,Short Circuit Protection,and Reverse Protection
  • Three Working Models Constant Current – Constant Voltage – Trickle Charging to Ensure Battery Fully Charged
  • Give Independent Fuse Which Can be Changed By Yourself
  • Aluminum Shell,LED Indicator light,Beautiful and Durable

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