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Dave and Kirby

We’re Dave and Kirby, 2 guys based out of Visalia, CA and Santa Cruz, CA. and together we are Augustine E-Bikes.  We’ve known each other for years. Based on years of riding and racing we are proud to offer a range of electric bike solutions and products designed to help you ride the way want. We are committed to providing E-Bike solutions that helps people move comfortably and quickly.

We ride E-bikes everyday and test them under every kind of condition. We have over 400 videos on youtube putting these bikes and products through their paces. These are products for people who want to get the most out of the e-bike experience.

“Riding to and from work on an E-bike is great exercise. Hills can be conquered without getting your heart rate up into the red zone . You can push harder on the ride home. It is a perfect cardio workout without actually getting soaked on the way to work and can be done year round.

While Electric Bikes are seeing wider and wider adaption around the world as an alternative to regular bicycles, E-bikes are beginning to play a larger role in other areas of our society.

Working with Amazon, allows us to bring you the best deals and guarantees from hundreds of Ebike Product manufacturers around the world to help you get the most out of your Ebike experience. With fast delivery, broad product offerings and secure warranties, we are happy to work with Amazon’s never ending offerings of Ebike products.

We hope that you will enjoy our many videos, blogs and E-bike product offerings from Augustine E-Bikes!

Dave and Kirby



If you love cycling and haven’t tried an E-bike you don’t know what you’re missing.