SW-900 Manual

4.8 Parameters setting
P01 Background luminance. 1 is the darkest, 3 is the brightest
P02 Unit of the mileage. 0 is KM, 1 is MILE
P03 Voltage grades. 24V, 36V, 48V. The original voltage is 36V.
P04 Sleep time. 0 is without sleep, other numbers stand for the sleep time (1-60 min).
P05 PAS grades.
0, 3 grades mode: 1 grade 2V, 2 grade 3V, 3 grade 4V
1, 5 grades mode: 1 grade 2V, 2 grade 2.5V, 3 grade 3V, 4 grade 3.5V, 5 grade 4V
P06 Wheel size. Unit: inch. Precision: 0.1
P07 Speed measuring magnet. Range: 1-100
P08 Speed limit. Range: 0-50km/h, 50 means without limit
No-Communication Status (controlled by the meter): when the real speed is over the ones
we set, the meter would shut off PWM output; when less than the speed we set, the meter
would turn on PWM output automatically, the driving speed would be ±1km/h; (Speed limit
is for PAS, not for Throttle)
Communication Status (controlled by the controller): The driving speed keeps same with the
ones we set. Random error: ±1km/h. (Speed limit is for both PAS and Throttle)
Notes: These data are based on KM. When changing KM to Mile, the speed value on the
screen would convert to correct Miles automatically, but if you do not change the setting of
speed limit from KM to Mile, it would be different from the real speed limit in Mile.
P09 Zero start & Non-zero Start. 0 is Zero Start, 1 is Non-zero Start
P10 Driving mode.
0 is driven by PAS. Throttle is useless at this time.
1 is driven by Throttle. PAS is useless at this time.
2 is driven by PAS & Throttle. Throttle is useless at Zero Start status.
P11 PAS sensitivity. Range: 1-24
P12 PAS start strength. Range: 0-5
P13 PAS magnet type. There are 3 types: 5, 8, and 12.
P14 The Current-limiting of Controller. The original Current is 12A. Range:1-20A
P15 Not implemented now.