Cyrusher Fat Tire E-Bike Snow Bike Mountain Bike

Cyrusher E-Bike, It has an aluminum frame with a front suspension fork. It is not just a matter of cruising, it is smooth cruising. The 500 Watt motor that is powered by the 48V battery provides enough power to keep you can travel a distance of 30-40 miles under full electric power and has a speed of up to 25mph. 4″ tires help tackle the tough the sand, snow or road with ease. The braking system includes mechanical dual disk brakes for efficient and flawless stoppage. You can also count on the alloy disk brakes to give that smooth and effective stoppage power needed. To top it all off, the overall design is stylish and comes with great colors too.

Battery are included.
Due to regulation of battery from carrier, we can not ship the bike together with battery so we ship the battery separately.
That means you will receive 2 parcels finally. One for the bike, and the other for the battery.

The 500 Watt motor that is powered by the 48V battery keeping you on the bike for the max speed in 25mph.
You can travel a distance of 30-35 miles under electric power to cruise over terrains

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