QuietKat Prowler 60V Electric Trike Bike All Purpose for Stealth Travel in Off-Road Terrain

QuietKat Prowler 60V Electric Trike

The QuietKat 60V Prowler is a 6, 000+ watt electric trike designed for the outdoors and off-road touring, travel up to 25 miles while adventuring, on a single charge, Plus, carry an extra battery inside the battery cage to travel a combined 40 to 50 miles of possible range. The QuietKat 60V Prowler ap produces 6 horsepower which equates to 6000 watts of electric front wheel hub drive motor power. The vehicle’s high-grade aluminum alloy frame is made with quality craftsmanship to provide years of riding pleasure and it measures 32″ Wide and 65″ Long for the ultimate in comfort and maneuverability on tricky terrain. The steering column collapses so the trike can fit inside a standard, which creates a level of portability for on the go riders. The QuietKat 60V he Prowler comes with a qk-tc65 motor, 18 feet digital controller, advanced throttle, swing arm, 20′′ x 4″ Knobby front tire, 13′′ x 4′′ Knobby rear tires, reverse, front Mud fairing, seat, throttle, handlebars, folding stem, front 4″ Shock, rear 4″ Suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, digital display and meter, rubber grip floor mats, front handlebar bag, weight supported rear rack, rear Mud Guards and is built in the United States.

QuietKat PROWLER 60V Electric Trike Bike All Purpose for Stealth Travel in Off-Road Terrain, Black, 31″/Medium (Sports)


  • Electric trike – this E bike offers a 60V 20Ah Lithium battery pack and charger capable of covering more than 20 to 25 miles of range per charge
  • Fat tire trike – fat tire trike features a full-frame suspension, hydraulic disc braking system and advanced throttle system
  • Rider/load up to 275 pounds – this Quiet Kat model has a high-grade aluminum frame for a recommended maximum load of 275 pounds for rider and gear
  • Weighs 135 pounds – engineered for Off-Road travel. Can be used as a hunting trike and a rugged terrain pleasure bike for backcountry Or off-roading
  • Includes – 18 FET digital controller, advanced throttle, 20″ X 4″ Knobby front tire, rear tires, mud guard, rear rack, front handlebar bag and more
  • FREE STORAGE – Comes with our Quiet Kat front handlebar bag for additional storage.

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