Great deals on fast 1500w to 3000w Ebikes

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Eric Hicks
Hot-rodding an ebike is not as simple as some people might think. That is because you need to consider three critical interlinked components when hot-rodding, and if you don’t change all three components, your ebike probably won’t go any faster, and in fact might go slower or roast something. Think of it as the electric bike bottle neck…if one of your components can’t hold up to the extra power?…you’re not going anywhere faster, and…you might end up in the embarrassing position of pushing your ebike hot rod home.

If you have bought a commercial ebike and decide you want to go faster, you are not taking on an easy task. It is usually easier and cheaper to just start from scratch, and build an electric bike by converting an old mountain bike you have in the garage that no one is riding. Almost all commercially available ebikes are not very fast to start with, and they pick the cheapest three key components they can to achieve at most a 20-MPH top speed (without pedaling). You can’t just buy some aftermarket part or an upgrade kit that is going to give you an extra horse-power boost, and some extra torque, or extra MPH. The most you may be able to find is a strap-on battery pack that might give you some extra range…but no extra speed or power.

However, a DIY home ebike builder who may very well have started with robust components, might easily be able to modify or swap one component and get more speed.