52V 20AH E-Bike Lithium ion Triangle Battery

15 / 100

The interior battery is G2500mAH 112 pcs battery cells ♦ Made with the highest quality cells. No more clunky, heavy aluminium to lung around behind you- this battery is made of lightweight yet durable plastic that doesn’t overheat with use. This battery’s also made from lithium ion that keeps a charge and keeps its shelf life longer than lithium iron batteries that tend to die out quickly.

Nominal Voltage: 52V
Rated Capacity: 20 AH
Watt Hours: 1040Wh
Cell inside: G2500mAh
Configuration: 14S 8P
Standard Charge Current: 3A
Max charge voltage: 58.8V
AC input: 110-240v,50/60HZ
BMS Continue Discharge Current: 30A
Peak Discharge Current: 90A
Fit for Motor: 250W/350W/500W/750W/1000 Motor
Charged Cut-off Voltage: 58.8V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 39.2V
Battery Net Weight:6.8KG
Battery Dimensions: 400*365*235*80MM
Charger Connector: US AC plug and DC Connector
Operating Temperature: Charging 0C-45℃, Discharge -20C~65℃
Lifecycle: 800-1000 Cycles with DOD80%

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