Build the bike you want to ride with these hub conversion kits

Why a conversion kit? Don’t get me wrong, bike manufacturers are continuing to make great E-bikes for certain parts of the E-Bike market, while introducing and breaking new ground in E-bike technologies. But there are some limitations. Conversion kits give you much more control over customizing what kind of bike you want based on what your specific riding or transportation needs are. Check out these electric bicycle conversion kits, ebike conversion kits, 500w conversion kits, 1200w conversion kits, 1500w conversion kits, 1500w controller built-in conversion kits. Geared conversion kits, Direct Drive conversion kits, Front wheel conversion kits, Rear wheel conversion kits

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Great 1000w Conversion Kits


Electric bicycle conversion kits are available that allow a cyclist to convert a standard pedal bike into an electric bicycle with the same performance as retail electric bicycles, but at a fraction of the price. A decent electric bicycle conversion can be performed for the cost of a budget ebike, sometimes even less. The benefit to this method is that you can start with a bike you already own, which will almost always be much higher quality than the bikes used in budget electric bicycles. You also have much more room for customization and choosing the exact bicycle to fit you best, or even go with something odd or unique, like a two person tandem bicycle. I actually performed a DIY electric bicycle conversion on a tandem bicycle and it was a hoot – when I could find a partner to ride it with me!