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SIGTUNA Folding Bike Lock – Hardened Steel 8mm Fold-Up Heavy Duty Bike Lock with Easy Mounting, Secure Lock and Anti-Scratch Coating – Easily Keep Bike Secure and Paintwork Undamaged – Bicycle Lock

    It’s sad but true – being a cyclist in the city means you’re constantly facing the risk of having your precious bike stolen.

    But life is stressful enough without worrying about your main form of transport being robbed from you by some dirty criminal…

    Stop! Don’t tolerate your anxiety any longer. Banish those fears, safeguard your bike and give yourself peace of mind with this elegantly safe SIGTUNA folding bicycle lock.

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    Convenience Meets Security

    • Attractive sleek design
    • Bars are linked with special rivets
    • Foldable for easy storage and transport
    • Superior hardened-steel design for theft prevention
    • Anti-scratch plastic coating keeps bike paintwork pristine
    • THREE sets of keys provided! Never get stuck again (as you can when using bike locks with combinations!).

    How secure is the lock itself?

    The lock on this heavy duty bike lock is made with a high-quality design that harnesses the latest in locking technology. By doing so it offers maximum protection against even the most determined picking attempts.

    Can I be sure this SIGTUNA bicycle lock won’t damage my paintwork?

    The plastic soft-coat on this bike lock is specially designed to keep the paintwork on your ride safe and scratch-free. A big enough impact between lock and bike could still cause damage, but for everyday use your new folding bike lock is keeping your bicycle looking shiny and beautiful.

    Ride on, you’re covered by our 100% Money Back Super-Secure Guarantee, no questions asked.

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    • ✔ SUPREME BIKE SECURITY … Made with special hardened steel, this SIGTUNA heavy duty bike lock gives you the peace of mind that only a truly secure bicycle lock can.
    • ✔ QUICK AND EASY USE … Your new folding bike lock can be mounted via rubberized anti-slip velcro straps or screw-fastened onto the bottle holder. Instant convenience!
    • ✔ ANTI-SCRATCH COATING … Keep your bike looking beautiful and scratch free, all thanks to the non-scratch soft plastic coating on your new SIGTUNA bike lock.
    • ✔ SPECIAL PICK-RESISTANT LOCK … Forget those fiddly bike locks with combinations – this key-operated lock will open easily for you while remaining pick-proof to thieves.
    • ✔ COMPACT AND TOUGH … It’s a big lock in a small package. The foldable design lets you effortlessly transport it while the tough construction keeps it safe and reliable.

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