Cableless Front Wheel Smart E-Bike Conversion Motor Kit – EASY 3 minute installation

Our electric bicycle kit includes just one wheel and it is everything you need to convert your mountain bike into a top-of- the-line performance electric bike. The wheel combines battery, control module and motor together. All you need to do is to replace your front wheel with this wheel. It is extremely simple and easy to install. The wheel communicates with the APP installed in your smart phone by bluetooth. After finishing setting the parameters in the APP, it can assist automatically with or without your cellphone when you riding. Outputs varies with different conditions such as slope, speed, acceleration, etc. It is smart and knows your intention and serves you the right power during the cycling. Feature This product integrates batteries, motors and controllers, without any circuit switches. It is extremely simple. Suitable for most mountain bikes, installation only 3 minutes. Intelligent micro-power system, more suitable for long-distance travel. Using 18650 power lithium-ion battery, with a high degree of consistency, safety and more efficient. The APP is simple, with up to five riding modes to meet the three needs of commute, leisure and exercise. Specification Color: Black&white leaves Material: Aluminum Net weight: 7.8Kg Package dimension: 71cm*71cm*21cm Top Speed: 25km/h Miles: about 90km(conditions: 60kg rider, 50% assist grade in manual mode, no wind, on slope and flat road) Voltage: 36V Power: 250W Battery capacity: 322Wh/8.7Ah Charge time: 4.5h Package includes: 1 x wheel 1 x charger 1 x wrench Installation Requirements: 1.Minimum width of the front forks: 10CM. 2.Minimum width of the front forkends slot gap: 1cm.

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