Detachable Electric Bicycle PAS System Sensor

SSP-DH double Hall sensor is a pedal assistant sensor adapts to quickly build-up type of electric bicycles. It is mainly used for detecting the signal of power assisting for the bike. Compared with 5 magnets sensor, SSP-DH sensor offers higher accuracy and further detection distance which can reach 6 mm. SSP-DH sensor with dual Hall is 2-3 times more sensitive than that with the single Hall sensor. When pedal turns forwards, the sensor outputs a pulse signal and a red LED indicator flashes on the sensor. When pedal turns back, the sensor outputs low level signal, the red LED indicator is not lit. So that users can check malfunction of sensor. What’ more, it increases the battery mileage by 30%-50%. For example, if your battery could originally support 35 km running distance, with PAS, now it can reach 50 km.

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