Prowler Electric Bike Mountain 26 inch Fat Tire Electric Power Bicycle, with 1000W Motor

The Emojo Prowler Fat Tire Electric Bike is fast, comfortable and can go anywhere. This off-road electric bicycle uses big 4 inch wide Kenda Juggernaut fat tires which float over sand, mud and dirt

The big fat tires have the advantage of spreading the weight of the e-bike and rider so it doesn’t sink in to the ground, instead floats above it like a monster truck.The fat tires on this electric bicycle have the added advantage of a pillowy smooth ride since the large low pressure tires soak up all the bumps. Our customers like to use these e-bikes for fishing and hunting expeditions, we even have a customer who tows a kayak with his Emojo electric bike to get to the far off the beaten track rivers and lakes.The Emojo PROWLER has plenty of power to get off the beaten track with a 48v 1000 watt Bafang geared rear hub motor. The battery is a 48 volt 11.6 amp hour LiFePO4 Lithium Ion removable battery, giving this bike a range of up to 25 miles per charge. The low end power this bike provides is key to the way riders use a fat tire bike. This is a workhorse, that can bring you and your gear anywhere you point it.

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