Electric Bike Review. 1000 watt, rear hub e-bike motor

Powerful and FAST 1000 watt, rear hub e-bike motor

Cycling is the new driving. Bike commuting, cycle-share programs, and expanding bike-lane networks top most big-city traffic agendas.

Meanwhile, Electronic bicycles have hit the scene and are making a major impression.

Easier Travel! Most people rule out commuting to work by bike because of the mess factor. However, the combination of cruising and cycling that e-bikes provide, saves you some effort and sweat.

Core Strengthening! While the e-bike can aid you up steep inclines and help you cover ground faster, it’s also considerably heavier than a normal bike. Between steering and pedaling, your own output can translate into a solid workout

Lighter Carbon Footprint! The European Cyclists’ Federation found that when comparing electric bikes to cars, the bikes emitted just 8.1% per passenger, per kilometer, of CO2 that a car spits out. If 10% of New York City biked to work once a week they would cut 120 million pounds of CO2 emissions per year

More Savings! In most states, riding an e-bike doesn’t require a special license, registration, or insurance. Therefore, investment and operating costs are almost nothing compared to a car. When you stack up bridge tolls, parking lot fees, and tickets, you’ll come out in the black.

Safety! In 2009, 36,000 Americans lost their lives while driving. An e-bike poses significantly less risk to you than a two-ton, four-wheel, vehicle does­. Riding in bike lanes keeps you out of the direct path of cars, lessening the risk. Also, bikes are more stable and controllable in motion than cars are, so accelerating with the throttle allows riders to navigate tighter turns better.

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