Police are rolling on E-bikes to improve first responder capabilities

Police departments worldwide are rolling out E-bikes to improve first response times. Low costs, increasing capabilities and stealth profile are making E-bikes a go to choice for law enforcement worldwide.

While Electric Bikes are seeing wider and wider adaption around the world as an alternative to regular bicycles, E-bikes are beginning to play a larger role in other areas of our society.

Police departments around the world, from Seattle to Shanghai are introducing E-bike programs for their Police force.

With the ability to go farther, faster and greater off terrain capabilities, the E-bike is quicklyproviding law enforcement with an important low cost tool in their arsenal to help respond to

With an E-bike a police officer can track or respond to a crime or accident very quickly without over exertion. This significantly increases the speed and range which an officer can cover while allowing them to save their energy for the chase.

The combination of stealth and speed offers law enforcement a new deterrent in urban areas.

In Boston after the 2014 Boston Marathon bombing, a Boston resident donated E-bikes to the police department integrated with loudspeakers and sirens to do something to help the police be as effective as possible. The program is still being used.

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