Product Comparison: 4 Smart Bike Helmets

Smart bike helmets are adding important safety features to your ride

A normal bike helmet? Not in this day and age.

Cyclists should gear up for improved rides with smart helmets. From those with lights built in, to those with heart-rate monitoring capabilities. Some of these have the ability to automatically send out messages in case of emergency, proving that wearable technology is a new reality in safety.

Lumos Kickstart Helmet Charcoal Black

Lumos Kickstart Helmet Charcoal Black

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as of October 1, 2023 4:29 PM
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  • SAFE, DURABLE, COMFORTABLE: Our men's and ladies bike helmet meets both CPSC and CE standards for...
  • TAP TO TURN: When you're making a turn, simply tap the corresponding button on the included...
  • FULL STOP: If the Hard Brake Light feature (currently in beta) is activated, 38 LEDs on the back...
  • GET NOTICED ON THE ROAD: With 10 white LEDs on the front, 38 red LEDs on the back, and 11 orange...
Charcoal Black
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Bike Safety Without The Bother Are you looking for a solution that will help keep you safe while you ride that doesn't involve wearing every accessory under the sun? Have you been hoping for a simple, functional smart helmet that simply works right out of the box? Are you sick of feeling edgy on those pre-dawn or post-dusk urban commutes? Lumos To The Rescue! Lumos is the world's first smart bike helmet that beautifully integrates lights, hard brake, turn signals, and helmet into a single cohesive whole -- an elegant solution for your safety and visibility. No wonder we've won so many awards! LEDs All The Way Around: With 10 white lights in the front, 38 red in the rear, and 11 orange on each side, they'll see you coming no matter where they are. Make Predictable Turns: The included...

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Lumos Kickstart Helmet Charcoal Black





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