TOURBON Cycling Backpack Bicycle Triangle Bag

The coating on the inside of the bag keeps things mostly dry, even in a down pour. The bottom of the bag will get splattered with road grit if you don’t have full fenders on your bike. The Velcro strap is solidly anchored in the fabric, and holds tightly when fastened, as do the buttoned straps that fasten around the seat tube. The main pocket can be accessed while riding at moderate speeds, but it’s a bit tricky. Shoulder strap is solid, but it is worth mentioning that it has no pad.

The outside zipper pocket is definitely a triangle, and while the shape lends itself well to the bag’s overall look and functionality, it also means that small or weighty items do end up in the bottom corner. That said, the outer pocket is easy to access while riding. The main pocket is fairly large, but will rub your legs when completely filled. I have noticed that the color of the bag is wearing off a bit in the areas that rub most.

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