Why Ebike conversion kits KICKASS

Ebike conversion kits

Electric bicycles can be a clean and green method of transportation, and building your own ebike is not only possible, but is also affordable.  An electric bicycle offers some advantages over a standard bicycle, including speed and convenience, and require significantly less effort to get from one place to another. However, before you lay out a big chunk of cash on a readymade ebike, consider doing a DIY electric bike conversion.

You can also start with a much better quality bike. Ebike manufacturers often skimp on the quality of the bicycle frame and components to make the whole package more affordable. Since a DIYer is already saving a lot of money, he or she can either use a bicycle they already have, or put some of those savings into a better quality bicycle.

The biggest considerations are how you intend to use the ebike and what specific performance metrics are you aiming for, in terms of speed, range, power, etc. If you’ll be using your ebike as a daily commuter on flat roads, you can go with a smaller motor but may want to increase the size of the battery to give you better commuting range. If you want to ride off road, on trails or in a hilly city, you’ll want a bigger motor and more powerful controller.



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