How to build an inexpensive Ebike. Video

With the technology available today anyone can put together an inexpensive ebike quickly and easily.

As I said earlier it all starts with the bike. Sometimes the bike that has been sitting in the garage unused for 10 years is not always the best place to start, but I have talked with plenty of people who have gone that route. Whether you have a 500w motor or a 1500w motor, it’s still a bike. So choose a bike that is in good working condition, is comfortable to ride and one that you would feel comfortable riding for many miles.

Once you have the bike you want to use, choose the motor that you want. You can choose from a front hub, rear hub or mid drive motor. As I said earlier the mid drive motors are more expensive and labor intensive, so for this video we will use a rear hub, brushless motor. Choose how much power you want based on your riding needs. Commuting, hills, flats, distance etc. Your ebike kit will include the appropriate controller based on the required wattage and voltage that is required for your motor. You can get a great rear hub kit for under $500

To install the rear hub motor, place your bike upside down on the ground and remove your rear wheel. Your rear hub motor fits your standard 135mm dropout. Install the wheel with the washers in the correct order. See our video on installing a rear hub motor. Spin the wheel to make sure that the gearing works properly.

Next find a good place on your bike to attach the controller. Make sure that the wires are pointed in the direction of the bottom of the bike. You can safely attach the controller to your frame with 2 zip ties. Make the appropriate connections with your motor. See our video on controller installation.

Lastly it’s time to choose a battery. Make sure that you choose a battery that has the correct voltage for your motor. 36V,48V, 52v, 72v etc. The voltage is your bikes power, then you need to determine how far you want to go. That is determined by the number of amp hours the battery has. The higher the number of amp hours the farther you will go and the more expensive the battery. Once you have connected the battery to your bikes frame using the water bottle screws, connect the red and black wires to your controller. Turn on the battery and make sure that everything works. Once you have tested your new ebike, cover up your controllers wires. See our video on dealing with ebike wires.

Now, for under $1000 you have an ebike that can go as fast if not faster than a $7000 brand ebike.

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